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Women can change the world. We are a Guatemalan company that produces handmade articles  with a twist. We look forward to transforming materials, techniques, and local pieces, into contemporary design objects.  We partner with local communities and work to grow hand in hand. We take into consideration the future generations and the environment in which we live.

We believe in transparency, support dignified work, and see every single product as a tribute to the women that made it.  All of our products include a tag with their name on it.


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Our products are made of 97% post-consumer certified recycled plastic HDPE (High Density Polyethylene), exclusively for FIBRA in Guatemala.

We are interconnected, our actions and decisions impact the planet.  We join in the global consciousness of sustainable design that is a necessity in the interconnected planet in which we live.



We love to play with traditional Guatemalan local objects, materials and techniques and repurpose them into contemporary pieces. We are motivated and inspired by design and how it shapes our lives.

Guatemala is full of vibrant colors, combinations and contrasts. Our country is our main source of inspiration.  We look forward to capturing its  essence and  portraying it through our products. We respect tradition and love our local history, full of cultural richness, syncretism and local influences.