FIBRA is located in Guatemala, Central America.  Guatemala serves as a bridge between North and Southamerica.  Not just a geographical bridge, but a really rich and cultural one.  Guatemala is a land of weavers that is is known for its colourful huipiles and traditional textile garments.  Our production is 100% Guatemalan. 


We are Cecilia and Andrea, the founders of FIBRA, two proud Guatemalan women, lovers of design and passionate about playing with the infinite possibilities that exist in local materials, techniques, and objects. We are mothers of children who nourish and inspire us daily with their creativity, enthusiasm and natural curiosity.

Like other women pursuing their dreams, we want to make this project something that brings us closer to our children, inspire them and be an example to follow!  

FIBRA  is not only our brand, it is our dream!

- Cecilia & Andrea

In exploring new possibilities and strategic alliances, FIBRA by Lamulticolor is excited to announce Philip Lamport joining our team as director. The three of us align in the initiative to grow and expand this social and environmental project, while empowering Guatemalan women.